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Why This Blog was created and what I hope to accomplish by having it is (as many would say) is a Long Story


I have Always been overweight, stocky, heavy, large framed, big boned or any other term you wish to use – it all boils down to one word  F A T !!!

Being a member of a thin family has been a trying experience; especially when you are not thin yourself.  I am not placing blame on anyone; except maybe myself.  I am simply stating the FACTS.  I am sharing this history to explain where I have been, what I have experienced and where I hope to go.

When you grow up FAT; you learn early on what diets are and what utterly despicable and useless things these are.  I can honestly say, I have been on and have been slightly successful on the vast majority of diets in “rage” today.  To name a few Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, Campbells, Grapefruit, Five-Day Diet, HCA, South Beach, Atkins …. the list could go on and on for I have literally tried virtually all of them.  I believe I can safely say I have successfully lost the weight of a completely normal person in weight (possibly two or three)… for I believe I have lost close to 500 pounds over my lifetime.

As of today. January 1, 2014 — I am over 260 pounds and am classified as an Obese Male.

How can that be you ask?  How can someone lose close to 500 pounds and still be considered Obese?  One word — DIETS!

I went on my First Diet (the first one I consciously went on) in my freshman year in High School.  I have probably been on at least one (too many) diets every year since then.  I have successfully lost weight on every diet I went on.  I have also successfully gained weight every time I came off the diet.  There have been many times, I just wish to throw my hands in the air and say I give up.


Over the past couple years, I have came across some good books that have pointed out the flaws in the whole diet mythology.  I have read them, and agreed they made sense and even attempted to follow them for awhile.  BUT (an this is a huge BUT; possibly even huger than my current BUTT)…. I would reach a point where I just wanted to hurry up and reach some predetermined weight by some future date (like for a trip or some event) and I go back into the whole starve myself and excessive exercise — just to reach that goal.  In other words, I went back to the DIET mentality.

Some of the Books you might wish to check out:

The Weight Loss Cure — Kevin Trudeau

Why We Get Fat — Gary Taubes

The Primal Blueprint — Mark Sisson

Mastering Leptin — Byron J. Richards

The Leptin Diet — Byron J. Richards

The Calorie Myth — Jonathan Bailor

If you just get one book, I recommend The Calorie Myth — to be that one BOOK. 

Starting January 5, 2014 — Many reasons why I chose that date, but the biggest being I have one more event (party) to attend and do not want to start the program before that event…. I will be starting the five week plan laid out in the book The Calorie Myth.

This blog will be the public journal of my thoughts, feelings, and just plain gut reaction to this latest attempt of mine to get down to my goal weight of 180.

I may even start sharing pictures on this blog as the weeks go by.

I welcome all comments, even those saying …”hey lard ass just move your big butt“…..

Anyone wanting to join in this experience can do so as well and share their stories……

4 Responses to Home Page

  1. I, too, hate that little word. It does more damage than good. I talk about my hatred for it here (http://newfoundfitness.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/four-letter-word/). I wish we could do away with it, honestly.

    You got this, KJ. Just move forward with the positivity you have right now. Grow it and surround yourself in it. You can be successful if you choose to be.

  2. Foxy-O says:

    This sums it up for me – I just couldn’t have said it better myself “How can that be you ask? How can someone lose close to 500 pounds and still be considered Obese? One word — DIETS!” I too am tired of diets. 2014 is a lifestyle change for me. I feel like i’ve been leading up to this time for a LONG time. It sounds like you’re in the same place. Good luck with your plan – lets kick butt in 2014!

  3. Lyndatjie says:

    I agree… my dietician stressed the fact with me that I’m on a Healthy Eating Plan because its geared towards making me change my bad habits and make healthy choices… I don’t care what anybody says – this mindset works for me!
    I wish you huge successes on your journey and good luck with achieving your goals!

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Hey KJ – looking forward to following you. I’ve heard of some of those books but banned myself from buying another diet/lifestyle change book as I could fill a library with what I have! 😉

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